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"An Honor to Serve, A Duty to Protect"

Court and Detention Services Division

Chief Steve Cole
Division Chief

(386) 586-4871

The mission of the Flagler County Detention Facility is to provide care, custody and control for all inmates detained. The Flagler County Detention Facility is located at: 1002 Justice Lane, Bunnell, FL 32110

The Flagler County Sheriff Judicial Process Division is located at the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center: 1769 E. Moody Bldv Bldg. 1, Bunnell, FL 32110



Court Security Unit

Florida Law established that the Sheriff is the Executive Officer of the Court and the means by which the judgments of the Court are generally enforced. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office assigns certain Deputies to act as the Court’s Executive Officers. These Deputies are traditionally called Bailiffs.

  • The objective of the Court Security Section is to specialize in performing the duties of the Sheriff as the Executive Officer attending the Court.
  • The Bailiff’s primary objective is to provide security for the Court, the Judges and the Jury so that justice can be fairly determined and administered.

Judicial Process and Fugitive Unit

The Judicial Process and Fugitive Unit ensures that all criminal and civil process is served in a timely and efficient manner. This unit carries out orders of the courts in reference to execution of arrest warrants, levying on property, execution of writs, receives and processes capias and all other arrest orders.

Detention Services

The Flagler County Detention Facility is comprised of 15 housing units with a capacity of 400 inmates. The inmate population is made up of sentenced and non-sentenced inmates who are incarcerated for any number of crimes ranging from theft and trespassing to drug trafficking and murder.

  • The Admissions and Release Unit is responsible for the booking and the release of all inmates in the facility.
  • The Classification Unit places inmates in proper housing based on the degree of custody.
  • The Transportation Unit is responsible for the movement and transfer of the inmates to and from the courts, state and county facilities, as well as medical and dental appointments.
  • The Medical Unit screens, evaluates, and treats all inmates detained in the county facility.
  • The Commissary Unit provides inmate optional products such as personal hygiene products, indigent care items, communications, authorized snacks and other recreational materials.
  • The Program Unit is responsible for all inmate program activities including visitation, substance abuse, religious, psychological and educational programs.

Bail and Bond Information

Civil Process & Fugitive

Inmate Funds

Inmate Mail

Jail Visitation


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