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"An Honor to Serve, A Duty to Protect"

Law enforcement and detention services


How to become a Law Enforcement Officer


Please see full listing of available positions below:

Law Enforcement Deputy

Detention Deputy

Reserve Deputy

Bailiff - Part Time

Minimum Qualifications: 

In order to apply, the applicant must have the following:

  •  A high school diploma or GED equivalent. Military experience and/or college experience preferred. 
  •  Be at least 19 years of age or older.
  •  Be a United States citizen.
  •  Have a current certification from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Standards Training Center (FDLE CJSTC)
  •  Have a valid Florida driver’s license at the time of hire and possess a good driving record. 
  •  Be of good moral character with no felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions involving moral character or false statements
  •  Eyesight must be corrected at 20/30 in each eye with glasses.  Depth and color perception must be within normal limits.
  •  In order to take a marked patrol car home, the applicant must reside in Flagler County or live within 10 air miles of the Flagler County line.  Some exemptions apply.

Drug Use Hiring Policy:

  •  At the date of the application, the applicant will NOT be allowed to process if they had any prior use of a controlled substance (defined under FSS 893) within the last two (2) years for marijuana and five (5) years for all other illegal drugs.
  •  Use of a controlled substance prior to age 25 may be considered a youthful indiscretion. Youthful indiscretion is defined as 20 times or less for cannabis and 10 for all others.
  •  Any sale of a controlled substance to others will be an automatic disqualifier.
  •  Use of any controlled substance while in a law enforcement position or in a position that carries with it a high level of responsibility and public rust is an automatic disqualifier.
  •  Any untruthfulness on this or any other issue during the employment process will result in immediate termination and further consideration for employment.

Step One:

The first step is for you to complete this employment application. Please click here for Employment Application.

Any Florida State Certified sworn officer or if you are currently enrolled in a Florida Law Enforcement Academy and are due to graduate within sixty (60) days, you are eligible to participate in the Written Assessment and Physical Agilities Testing.

The FCSO HR Division will review your pre-screening application and conduct a criminal history background check, department of motor vehicles driver’s license history and conduct a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Global Employment Verification.

Once it is submitted and reviewed by the FCSO HR Division, we will let you know if you qualify to proceed to Step Two:

Step Two:

If selected to continue through the process, you will be asked to complete a written test. You must pass this written multiple choice exam with a score of no less than 80%. The first time you take the test, FCSO will incur the cost.  Any additional attempts will be paid for by the applicant.

To schedule an appointment or any questions, please contact Human Resources at or 386-586-4822.

If you successfully complete your written exam, you will be asked to complete a physical agility process.  This testing includes a 1.5 mile run, sit-up’s and push up’s and a 50 yard swim.  Please see the below for instructions on how to complete each exercise.

Before you can take the PAT, you will be required to visit a licensed physician of your choosing (your cost) and have the PAT Physician’s Clearance Form FCSO Form # HR-177 completed.  Click here to download the form: HR-177. Please review this form HR-218 to see the minimum required for each event. 

Step Three:

If you qualify, we will send you an employment application to complete and send back to the HR Division.  Once this application is received and processed by HR staff, you will be notified of your status. 

Step Four:

Once you successfully completed the PAT, you will be invited to participate in an oral board process.

 Step Five and Beyond:

Once identified to continue further in the process, the FCSO will schedule the following exams.  Each is pass fail and they are paid for by the FCSO:

•      CVSA or polygraph

•      Administrative review and/or meeting with the Sheriff and Undersheriff

•      Psychological examination

•      Drug Testing

•      Physical

•      Comprehensive background investigation and reference checks

•      Fingerprinting

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